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Oil-Tech Coatings

CPS Chemicals was founded on a desire to build a successful company based on complimentary expertise and knowledge from both Colepeper and Singh. Recently both partners realized it was time to take their successful company to the next level by recognizing objectives such as growth, profitability, sustainability and social responsibility - all required to facilitate the envisaged expansion. Their succession plan was put into action by forming two subsidary companies - CPS Chemicals - Oil Tech (PTY) Ltd and CPS Chemicals - Coatings (PTY) Ltd, with two additional shareholders in each of these companies.

The company is a specialist importer and distributor of raw materials to the paint, ink, resins, oil, additive and grease manufacturing industries. CPS Chemicals represent around 20 leading multinationals in Western Europe, the UK, the East and the USA. Supply of dedicated additive technology in the pursuit of the upliftment of the new South Africa and in terms of efficient solutions (green tribology).

As a business that both procures from large multinationals and supplies leading local manufacturers, utilizing quality management systems has been part of the company's operations and values.

Our distribution covers South Africa as a whole with a large and continuously growing customer base. We strive for delivering with utmost proficiency in both our logistics and administration.


CPS Chemicals lease and manage their own warehouse and have facilities to load / offload FCL's. Road Transport is out-sourced.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

CPS Chemicals is committed to empowering and uplifting disadvantaged individuals and communities in South Africa through its work with S Dass School (Pesco).